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Respect. Empathy. Service. Engage. Transcend.



Imagine yourself in the day of a police officer, regardless of your skin color, gender, educational, or military background. This one may be a ground ball. What if recruits that are seeking to make positive changes can be inspired by accurately reflecting the reality of what a police officer does every day?

As a result of movies, popular culture, and media depictions, everyone knows the stereotypical, hyped-up aspects of the job. However, if recruits are reporting service and change as two of the top reasons for entering the profession, then shall we let the cat out of the bag? To a large extent, policing on a daily basis is already exactly those things.


While there will always be a place for the exciting stuff – K9s, helicopters, SWAT teams, and fast cars – these elements don’t quite “do it” for all potential recruits. Recruiting efforts and materials should accurately and proportionately reflect job tasks. The best part is all that needs to be done is to expose accurately what happens every day in policing.

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