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New Gen Criminal Justice Program

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Criminal Justice Academy in our high school will fill a gap in the educational landscape by offering a specialized program that prepares students for careers in law enforcement while emphasizing community engagement, ethics, and leadership. This academy will contribute to the holistic development of students and empower them to make positive contributions to their communities. By equipping the next generation of law enforcement professionals with a well-rounded education, we can work towards building safer and more just societies.


The program provides first-hand experiences and insight into the operations of law enforcement agencies. The program also affords these highly motivated young people an opportunity to consider law enforcement as a potential career choice. Recruitment of high school students, both male and female, representing all communities and backgrounds in the state, is one goal of the program. Check out some stories about criminal justice programs in high schools around the country.

A sample of classes:

  • History, Crime Awareness, Causes

  • Criminal Justice, Trial Proceeding

  • Corrections & Juvenile

  • Traffic

  • Introduction Crime Scene Investigation

  • Patrol Tactics

  • Mental health

  • Community culture awareness

  • First Aid/CPR/AED

  • Career Planning 


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